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If you didn't swing by howispentmychildhood.com this week, you missed a lot of fun stuff!  Check out all the things we covered this week below!

Panama Jack - Looking back at the fashion brand of the 80's

BraveStarr - The last cartoon to come out from Filmation.

Captain N:  The Game Master - Remembering the fun Nintendo based cartoon of the 80s/90s

7 Cereals We Miss - Reminiscing about some cereals from the 80s and 90s that we miss

Who Framed Roger Rabbit - Looking at the cult classic movie from the late 80s

Quantum Leap - Memories of the sci-fi classic

Retro Wrestling Episode 2 - Traveling back in time to better days of pro wrestling

The Fat Boys - Remembering the good times with the Clown Princes of Rap

Garbage Pail Kids - The craze that took over the world in the late 80s

Swatch Watches - The story behind the Swiss watches that became a true fashion statement

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - Looking at the original cartoon series

And speaking of Masters of the Universe, one of my favorite parts to the toy line was the mini-comics that came packed with them.  Dark Horse Comics has collected those comics and are releasing them in a hard cover format.  Check it out here

Let me know if there is anything you want to see us cover at howispentmychildhood.com

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Cool. I gotta have a copy of that hardcover mini-comic collection. That is just awesome.
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You love this signature.
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