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You see that up there!!!! ^^^^^^^^^ I made that happen boys and girls!!! Woohoo!!! I'm the next Mark Zuckerburg!!!

Ahem, uh... let me explain.

So uploading videos in the forum and in articles has been hit and miss (almost always miss, actually). But I dug into the code and figured out a fix. I'm no programmer, but I know enough to "change" existing code sometimes. Such is the case here. Now you can upload your videos with ease in the text editor! They have to be the usual format (iPhone/iPad compatible MP4 or Flash), and they always start playback immediately upon loading for whatever reason, but hey... IT WORKS!

A round of applause for me, please.

P.S. - Embedding video is still the same (using the Show Source button), but hey... I'm not perfect. That's what Moudy is for.

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mmm.... not quite what i was hoping for, but i'll see how it works out for me. i'm not too good at converting youtube videos to mp4 files though. it would still be much appreciated if moudy fixed the bugs of the show source button.
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