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Mr Magic
We all know who is Steven Spielberg is, right? He's the creative genius behind the global success of familiar film titles such as Jurassic Park, Jaws and other names.

Although, he didn't just excel at film-making, but at TV show-making too. Does the name Animaniacs ring a bell?

What works of Spielberg's do you adore?

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A day is like a dollar. It can be spent wisely or foolishly.

His animaited shows and Jurassic Park and I'm looking forward to his adaptation of Ready Player One.
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Mr Magic

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A day is like a dollar. It can be spent wisely or foolishly.

Jurassic Park and the Indiana Jones movies (the first three anyway) are some of my favorites. I also liked Duel - his TV movie that came before Jaws.
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Its hard to hate on much that Spielberg has done (with exception of finishing A.I and 1941). 

I like:
Tiny Toons
Minority Report
Jurassic Park
Saving Private Ryan
Band of Brothers

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Spielberg has great things as a writer, director, and [executive] producer.

Back to the Future (Producer)
Poltergeist (Producer/Writer and there is contention over if he directed or not)
The Goonies (Story Writer and Exec. Producer)
Indiana Jones (Director)
Jurassic Park AND The Lost World (Director)

His serious forays like Color Purple and Schindler's List deserve recognition along with his blockbusters.

And can we forget his involvement in the classics The Land Before Time and An American Tail (as Exec. Producer)?

No we cannot.
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