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Rick Ace Rhodes
I know I'm new here and that this seems like a big suggestion, but since I've been begun writing new articles for this site, I've been thinking about the article system on this site.

What if the system was to be more similar to Retro Junk's current one? I've noticed there's just a lot issues when it comes to putting together an article here. Pictures are overlapping the article border, the entire article is oddly squeezed together when text is copied into it. 

I always found that Retro Junk had a decent article system for putting together articles. If there was ever an update to the site, could we maybe make Retro Daze's article system a little similar to Retro Junk's?

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We're always open to suggestions here Rick.

True, the space housing the published article text and images is a bit smaller than that of RetroJunk, though not significantly smaller. Pictures overlap when they get too large. This happens at RetroJunk also, however I always resize the images prior to publishing to prevent this from happening. We've done a good amount of work on the article system to try and make it more appealing (color and image backgrounds, sizing and text fixes in the text editor, adding a preview system, and the list goes on and on. It has evolved quite a bit over time, thanks to suggestions just like this one.

Does anyone else have thoughts on this?
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I had similar qualms when I started writing here. I knew RJ's article editor like the back of my hand, so when I started writing here there was a small learning curve. You just have to keep tinkering with it and using it. I actually prefer it over RJ's editor now, as the Daze engine is way simpler when it comes to inputting images and editing text.
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