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Anyone enjoy modern movies that get you feeling nostalgic? Super 8 really didn't do it for me like I thought it would. However, Kings of Summer  really captured some childhood magic for me which was cool since it wasn't even set in the 80s/90s. Some modern movies set in the past really go overboard with stereotypes and styling so it's pretty tough for a era specific modern movie to entrance me.

Super 8 did it for me. The movie was set a little before my time, but the feelings that come up while watching that movie remind me of enjoying the classics like ET and The Goonies. 
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Yeah, that's the unfortunate thing about films set in the 80's and 90's... they love to shove the over the top stuff right up in your face, and it feels nothing like the childhood you knew.
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None I can think of to remind me of my own youth, but The Artist and Hugo were both very evocative of days gone by in beautiful ways.
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