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Rick Ace Rhodes
Since Battlefront is getting a remake, are there any other games in the Star Wars franchise that deserve remakes as well?

The only ones I think deserve them are Bounty Hunter and Republic Commando. I've been playing Bounty Hunter again since it was recently released on PSN, and while I think it is a good game all things considered, it's extremely difficult and has issues that ruin the gameplay and only add on to the difficulties of the game.  Republic Commando was simply a good game in my opinion, and it's really a shame nothing more ever came out of it.

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knights of the old republic, perhaps? that game's got positive feedback written all over it.
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Super Star Wars!

They could give it the "DuckTales" treatment and release it in the Wii U store.
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Mr Magic
Super Return of the Jedi.

Although, since it's an SNES title, it might be wise to leave the "Super" part out.
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Having the Super Star Wars games remade would be great. Hell, it would also be nice if they made one based off the Force Awakens in that style.
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