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shakin steak
What are some other sites ya'll read when you're not here?

I am a big fan of . I was going to say it's the first website where I read funny video game reviews, but it's only been around since 2005 and I know I was reading such things before that. Unfortunately they update mmmaybe once a year any more.

Today I discovered The Surfing Pizza which is also pretty funny.

I've followed Matt at DinosaurDracula since his early X-Entertainment days. 

I also visit The Surfing Pizza. He doesn't update much, but he has some good articles. 
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I was just thinking about this today. E/N sites were never really my first choice for internet entertainment, but then again I wasn't in the right demographic anyway. I-Mockery and XEntertainment were two main sites that I would read when I wasn't playing games, watching videos, or..doing other stuff online.

Of the two I preferred I-Mockery more. It seemed more "fun" to me. It's been dying a long, drawn out death in recent years, which sucks.
Nice to know Matt's still on the scene.
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STEAK! Can't believe somebody else here knows of Sydlexia! I discovered it early last year. The man knows how to right an article, but he hasn't done so in sooooo long (with the exception of his tribute to the death of a long time member there).

I too enjoy I-Mockery (though the forum there has withered and died, even if the articles have not). I would love to have them make an exclusive game for RetroDaze (if you've played some of their homemade games, you know what I'm talking about). They seem to get much busier during the Holidays.

Speaking of busier during the Holidays, that has been the case for X-Entertainment/DinoDrac for a long time. I joined Matt's crusade during the days when they were all on the hunt for the elusive Nathan Bitner, and the saga of the creator of Fearless Photog. Legendary stuff, that. It inspired the creation of Photog Smurf.

Still others... is a nice little forum (though they tend to emphasize Garbage Pail Kids more than general 80's stuff. is also a nice one to visit on occasion.
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shakin steak
Oh yes, longtime fan. I never got into the forums there (even less activity
than RD or RJ) but the obituary that Syd wrote for Hacker was great. I can empathize with the lack of new content there as I feel like I have run out of things to write about, myself.
I think Seanbaby is the site I was thinking of that wasn't sydlexia.

I also like X-E/DD and I-mockery. I didn't know I-mockery made games though. That's neat. For some reason I never went to their page directly. I'll have to change that. I've always found their articles when looking for info about a specific video game. Speaking of which, VGJunk is another good one.

I'll have a look at those other sites.
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shakin steak wrote :

Speaking of which, VGJunk is another good one.
-end quote
So THAT'S where you were coming up with all those obscure "Guess That Game" entries.
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