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We all have that series of games that are special to our heart for one reason or another. Maybe it's Final Fantasy, and the death of Aerith brings a tear to your eye just thinking about it. Maybe it's Mario and his plethora of outings. Or maybe Legend of Zelda is your thing.

There are several series I have enjoyed from my past. But I have to chose a next gen series for my personal favorite.

Nothing stirred my emotions or fascinated my senses more than BioWare's Mass Effect series. After 3 games, many, many hours, and a bit of an anticlimactic ending to the trilogy (yet still satisfying in a way), I put it head and shoulders above all else. I really felt like I was Shepard dealing with the end of the universe as we know it. And all the subplots, relationships, and story elements make you feel so immersed that you don't want to stop. Here's to hoping for a new Mass Effect some day soon.

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seeing as how i grew up with super mario and the teenage mutant ninja turtles games by konami, both series would take my vote. i slowly got into the phantasy star series thanks to mezase master referring it to me, and lastly i like the final fantasy series up until IX. yeah it's all fun and games until a whiny protagonist comes along.
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The Ratchet and Clank series. The weapons and explosions are the key ingredients to making a successful action series. And of course, ya gotta have humor. Looking for an exploding good time? Get a Ratchet and Clank game.
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Dead Rising is one of my favorites. 
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I look forward to any Mario/Mario Kart game whenever they come out. Grand Theft Auto and Batman Arkham series are probably the two newest series I look forward to.
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The Final Fantasy series was one that I used to follow religiously. However, FF IX was probably the last one that I really loved. The ones released for the 360 and PS3 didn't hold my interest at all.
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Pokemon is easily the greatest series I ever have and continued to play. 

Given the chance, I would jump into that universe in a snap; traveling Kanto and training Pokemon. 
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I used to love the Final Fantasy series but it doesn't feel like FF anymore. Now it's all just manufactured garbage and all a shadow of it once was. 

Another series I like that's still much the same as it once started is the Tales Of series. Like Tales of Phantasia, Tales of Destiny, Tales of Symphonia, etc. I just don't like how most of them are available only in Japan.

And another series I loved which I believe ended unfortunately is the Star Ocean games. They were great and reminded me of Star Trek in a way.
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I'm with Chids. Pokemon, hands down. I could get lost in Kanto any day.
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vkimo wrote :

I'm with Chids. Pokemon, hands down. I could get lost in Kanto any day.
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Vkimo would be like the Sandshrew trainer

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