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Leonard Nimoy just passed away. The iconic Star Trek actor had a case of chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder which he got from smoking years ago. Rest in piece Spock. You may be dead now, but to all the fans, you will always LIVE LONG AND PROSPER.

May you rest amongst the stars
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shakin steak
He's dead, Jim.
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i'll always remember him as galvatron.

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Khan must've been behind this....

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He's finally mind-melded with the almighty. He'll be greatly missed. 2015 has brought the loss of a giant of pop culture.
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This is awful. I watched TOS reruns with my dad when I was growing up..I've never known a world without Spock. I followed him on twitter, and he came across as a humble, loving man. In Pace Requiescat.

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