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Mr Magic
I've had the Fairlife chocolate milk. I did not know it was produced by Coca-Cola. That being said, this Chris Plante fellow seems to be a douchebag.

For starters, the milk tastes great. I would venture to say it is my favorite tasting chocolate milk to date. I have been steering clear of things like chocolate milk simply because of the sugar content, but having tried this very recently, I can say it is delicious. I experienced none of the after taste he's talking about.

Also, regarding the ad campaign, he seems to just be looking for reasons to down it. He calls the girl "impossibly thin", yet my sister-in-law is thinner than her... guaranteed. Sure, it's kind of kooky and a bit low brow, but hardly worth the tongue lashing that it's given here. 
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I'm not sure. Maybe people will be turned away because of the price.
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Honestly, in between the bizzare ad that is featured in the article and the fact that I'd have to use "Coca-Cola" and "Milk" in the same sentence, I think I'm gonna barf really hard on the keyboard xD
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Mr Magic
You know, some things aren't meant to be, and I think this is one of 'em.
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