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Mr Magic
thecrow174 wrote :

As a live-action series.
-end quote
Even if they did, they would make it into some tween drama like all the other super hero based shows. No thanks.

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Mr Magic
That's what worries me. That's about all TV viewers seem to want, right?
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shakin steak
It's a budget thing. You can't have explosions and impossibly-shaped jet planes on a weekly basis on the money from Ford and Sears commercials.
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i enjoy Gotham  it still could turn out good i hope it happens worth a shot.
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'you think just because a guy reads comics he can't start some sh*t'
I highly doubt Marvel would agree to this.

They are furious at Fox, hence cancelling the Fantastic Four comic. Also, they made a rule not to create new characters for the X-Men comics. 

I just found this interesting article which explains how Marvel is trying to get it's rights back by doing a bunch of dick moves along the way

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