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Pretty Cure. It's a magical girl anime like Sailor Moon. It has many different seasons. I've only seen Smile and I'm currently watching Doki Doki.
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even though it's only anime-inspired animation, i've been loving the netflix series edition of voltron, it seems more action focused than the original and i believe the team behind it is the same one behind avatar: the last airbender, the humor feels the same from that too.

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Berserk (1997 TV series)

It' not for everyone but I love Berserk, it is basically Japan's answer to Conan the Barbarian. 
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Fist of The North Star is one of my favorites. If Berserk is Japan's answer to Conan this must be its answer to Mad Max.

It's pretty gory and brutal, but the violence is so over the top I got desensitized fairly quickly. 
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Mr Magic
What kind of thread would this be if one of us didn't mention the first ever anime series?

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