I got along great with my crew boss. He couldn't believe how clean I got the kitchen floor on my schedule days. I showed him how the workstations were designed to be moved - they were not fixed in place. Even the giant fridge units were on wheels. The only thing I couldn't move was the oven.

Imagine, there I was in 1982, working in a restaurant only 2 or 3 days a week. I could make rent every month and still keep my two cars running (with the help of my neighbor buddy - the mechanic). 

Remember from RetroJunk, it was 1984 that I went back to community college to learn accounting. Took me until 1986 to land my first accounting gig and I've been in finance ever since.

MM - If I hadn't gone back to school in 1984, I can't imagine what I'd be doing now at age 60.