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Well, I've got to add Carrie Fisher to my list of 2016 deaths that hurt the most. Princess Leia was one of my favorite Star Wars characters. She will be greatly missed.
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2016 plays out like a bad dream. Carrie and I go waay back and it feels like a death in the family to me.

I simply cannot believe this!

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Yeah. I'm going to have to go with Carrie Fisher in this case. It really depresses me just knowing that she is no longer alive. And at such a young age too.

Others that have affected me includes Gene Wilder, Jack Riley, Florence Henderson, Alan Young, among others.
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Carrie Fisher's stung the most. Mostly because I am a nerd and a writer. 
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Mr Magic
Carrie being dead is hard to bear.
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Vaporman87 wrote :

This one is easy. My sister's death.
-end quote
I am so sorry for your loss Vaporman.
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