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I don't collect too much as I don't like being bogged down with too many things. Most of my collections are just things I never threw out like toys and gaming stuff. I collected Hotwheels at one point and had several hundred but sold them a few years back. We have the entire Kenner Star Wars line from the late 90s which was a total waste of money. I sort of collect watches, but only go for ones with some significance like my Seiko watches from Predator and Ghostbusters. Shout out to Retro Daze for those haha
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Mr Magic
In addition to the Dumbo movie I mentioned in the Retro Disney Movies Collection thread, I also got a couple of other favorites today:

The Sandlot and Olympus Has Fallen.
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A day is like a dollar. It can be spent wisely or foolishly.

I have a bunch of simpsons stuff and gremlins stuff.
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thecrow174 wrote :

AngelOtter wrote :

I collect everything, I'm a bit of a hoarder.  But seriously, I collect Wade figures, Windstone dragons, Swarovski crystal figures, Funko stuff, autographs, fossils, books... 
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Fossils, you say?
-end quote
Yes, mostly marine species on my end, but my fiancĂ© loved dinosaurs as a child so he has a bunch of stuff too. 
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Now with all of the cds i got for my birthday and when Ariana Grande's new album "Dangerous Woman" comes out and is delivered, i will have 542 cds.
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