Timewarp: Toys R Us 1987


Bah Humbug!


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5225ArticleAmandaPandaMcDonalds steak bagel:*(Foods Long Gone: The SequelJul 08, 2020View
5224ArticleOldSchool80sFun memories! Thanks, as always, for sharing!Vintage WWF MerchandiseJul 05, 2020View
5223ArticleBenjanimeteddy ruxpin was past my time, but i could see my older sister owning one.Remembering Teddy RuxpinJul 05, 2020View
5222ArticleMr MagicWhen I was a kid, I had a Shawn Michaels figure. He wasn't in his "Heartbreak Kid" attire, but his "Rocker" attire.Vintage WWF MerchandiseJul 03, 2020View
5221ArticleMr MagicI even had a compilation of Namco classics. It had: Dig-Dug, Pac-Man 2, Galaga and Pole Position.The Nintendo Handheld Experience Part 2Jul 03, 2020View
5220ArticleVaporman87@Daddymus Prime: That's hilarious! I used to put my Information Society album in there. LOLRemembering Teddy RuxpinJul 03, 2020View
5219ArticleDaddymus PrimeI used to put my Iron Maiden tapes into my younger brother's Teddy R to scare the bejesus out of him XDRemembering Teddy RuxpinJul 02, 2020View
5218ArticleBenjanime@Julie it sounds like you got some good mileage out of the handhelds as well ^^ i look forward to playing DS games on the DStwo :) @Mr Magic they're all classics, old and modern ^^The Nintendo Handheld Experience Part 2Jul 01, 2020View
5217ArticleMr MagicI've had a few games like Pokemon Emerald/Ruby, Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga. and NES titles like the original Castlevania and Donkey Kong.The Nintendo Handheld Experience Part 2Jun 30, 2020View
5216ArticleJulieI remember the hype for the launch of the Game Boy Advance in the Nintendo Power magazine. They said that the new handheld is 32-bit and even though I thought the PlayStation had just become obsolete. Of course this hasn't been confirmed over the months. My first Game Boy Advance was the SP model with a pirate cartridge of Street Fighter Zero 2 (as always, pirate cartridges mimic the Japanese versions of the games) and I quickly got the flashcart of the time to have all the games I wanted at hand. Fortunately today I have a definitive version of the flashcart. Finished Pokémon Emerald and I still play on this handheld until today, especially Mario Kart Super Circuit. I had the Nintendo DS after purchasing the Sony PSP. I missed Nintendo's games so I bought the DSi XL model, also with a flashcart that I still have today. Almost finished Pokémon Black 2 and played a lot of Mario Kart DS, Chrono Trigger and all the Kirby and Sonic games for it. I really miss my Nintendo 3DS XL. Fortunately I kept its flashcart and all the games, now I just have to buy another model back. Again, I played a lot of Mario Kart 7 and Tomodachi Life (I miss my Mii) here. My congrats on the very well written and pleasant to read article. Just like the late and unforgettable magazines of the era of the great hype of video games. ❤The Nintendo Handheld Experience Part 2Jun 30, 2020View