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1990 - The Year Santa Died


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5282ArticleBenjanimei can't say i'd ever revisit that bill & ted video game, what other video game has you getting stuck in the grass like flypaper? Sep 23, 2020View
5283ArticleoniparFunny thing, after finishing this article, I found the Valentine's Day issue, and you guessed it...I drew horror stuff for that one too! Ha! Tony, Nice! That sounds like just the sort of activity book I would buy. Ben, Oh nice! I have a couple very similar memories. I definitely watched some stuff I shouldn't have at a far too young age. Not sure I grew up normal though :-pHalloween Is in My BloodSep 23, 2020View
5284Articleechidna64I love the creativity Onipar and I am glad that you continued your writing journey! Halloween Is in My BloodSep 24, 2020View
5285ArticleoniparThanks so much, Echidna!Halloween Is in My BloodSep 24, 2020View
5286ArticleJulieI need to play thatMonster Party NES game someday. :D And I'm glad to know you have some good memories from your past Halloween days, my cute. ❤ I love you always! ❤Benjanime's Halloween RetrospectiveSep 30, 2020View
5287ArticleBenjanime@Julie and i love you, my precious soon to be wife ;)Benjanime's Halloween RetrospectiveSep 30, 2020View
5288ArticleJulieSo cute seeing you talk about your favorite candies! ❤ And no way it need to end!! ;) ❤Benjanime's Top Ten Halloween CandiesSep 30, 2020View
5289ArticleBenjanime@Julie agreed my love, and soon we'll have plenty of candy to ourselves, and to give out ;)Benjanime's Top Ten Halloween CandiesSep 30, 2020View
5290ArticleJulieSo many unknown movies here for me! :O But they seem to be really great. ;) ❤Benjanime's Top Ten Halloween Movie PicksSep 30, 2020View
5291vhsCoverRetroOtaku620I want this one!CAPTAIN-PLANET-AND-THE-PLANETEERS-DEADLY-GLOWOct 04, 2020View