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2748VideoVaporman87Yeesh. That's just sad. Oct 02, 2015View
3060Articleozzyrulz777Yep I love Zombie Nightmare! Thor rules!Heavy Metal-Sploitation Part 3Nov 01, 2015View
2047ArticleDerkYep, that was me. I still go to the RJ forums every now and then, but certainly not as much as I used to.Remembering RetroJunkFeb 23, 2015View
515VideoBenjanimeyep, that's steve blumToonami - Trapped in Hypserspace ( 2002)Mar 23, 2013View
145VideoVaporman87Yep. Now Jason Rubin is head of THQ. So this peice of dung didn't stop him from reaching the top. Way of the Warrior - 3DOJan 15, 2013View
3089ArticlejkatzYes finally some love for Gremlins 2! Top 5 80's Movie SequelsNov 07, 2015View
615ArticleraptorYes I saw the movie. It was dreadful and I thought Evil lyn was so not like the original that they may as well have renamed her. Totally not like the toys or cartoon. And Skeletor had actual eyes?New Eyes on He-Man and She-RaMay 07, 2013View
1199ArticleThatDudeintheHoodieYes they did. Also there was a doughnut eating contest with the doughnut on the string.TDitH goes Back to SchoolSep 04, 2014View
2042ArticleOldSchool80sYes, agreed the show is not what it used to be. I never liked the offensive-for-the-sake-of-being-offensive stuff much to begin with. As I said, I still appreciate a good 80s reference. And you may notice that most of my examples are not from recent years. Thanks for reading!80s Pop Culture References in Family GuyFeb 22, 2015View
2333vhsCoverBuddyBoy600altYes, Disney's Marsupilami is awesome!Marsupilami-Marsuper-DuperJun 28, 2015View