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TDitH's Top 5 Segment Intros of the 90s

The fun part about writing lists is that ideas can come from anywhere. This came to me after a binge of nostalgia online. I got to thinking, with all these intros to a block of programs, which rank the best? Well it's time to find out what ranks best. If there is an intro you didn't like or felt like should be on this list, I either forgot about it or I didn't feel it was good enough. The rules are it must be an intro, as in a starting segment. One intro per block so no matter how many incarnations of it there are, only one will make the cut. Let's get started, shall we?

Number 5: PBS Kids (Pre 1999)

Sometimes you'll find good things in the oddest of places. This one was one of those. It's fun, it showcases the shows it broadcasts, and it's simple. That helps and hurts the opening and puts it low on the list. I'm a fan of simple. I think simple is good. However when it comes to the other intros on this list it doesn't bring anything new to the table or things that make it stick out. So for that reason it's number five.

Number 4: Snick (1996)

Nickelodeon in the Nineties, as everyone and myself has said countless times, was it's golden era and their creativity showed the best in this decade. Snick's opening bumpers shows this well, as they were changed yearly. However I feel this one sticks out from the rest. Mostly due to them using an actual set for the intro and showing the segment mascot off in any way possible. Which also hurts it a lot too. The saying, "Too much of a good thing" is shown best here. Not much to show what SNICK is about or what is in it. Creativity might be good. But it will only go so far.

Number 3: The Wonderful World of Disney (1997)

When it comes to animation the sky is the limit and this makes it show. It has Cinderella's castle with all kinds of clips from most of Disney's library in and around the castle. It's quite the sight to see and as a kid I loved watching this intro as well as the movie that followed. Even today I enjoy this intro. Though the thing that hinders this intro is that they are only clips. No real interactivity with each other. Which is sad because I would have liked to see all of those characters interact with each other.

Number 2: Disney Afternoon (1990)

If interaction is what I wanted it's what I got with this one. Not only does it have original animation. But the music is happy and is telling you that you are going to have a good time watching this segment. As much as I enjoyed the interactivity, the big issue that I have with this is there is so much going on. It's high energy, while making the intro give a happy and energetic feeling, also makes it a bit of an eye sore at the same time. It's good. But not good enough to be number one.

Honorable Mention: Disney's One Saturday Morning (1997)

The reason why this isn't on the list is because I have covered it in my article about this segment and would consider it cheating. However, I will mention it as an honorable mention at least, since it is my personal favorite. The short version of why I like this intro is that it's both creative and unique. It combines live action and CGI and it has its own theme song that is very catchy. There is some interactivity, though not much and the way it is edited is something that I've only seen in two other intros. Though like number two, I feel there is a bit too much going on to make it easy on the eyes. Now, onto number one.

Number 1: Toonami (1999)

What I like more than creativity is simplicity. Nothing too extreme in visuals and not over energetic. But enough to catch your attention. This is that intro. It's calm, cool, and collected. It keeps everything simple, with a slow shot of a spaceship in the deepest parts of space and the host of the segment, TOM, entering the pilot seat of his ship at the end. The look is very dark and industrial, it is full CGI, and it doesn't give too much away. I remember watching Toonami growing up and coming home after school to watch anime and this intro had me pumped and excited.

I hope you enjoyed this list and if I missed something or think I should do another list like this let me know and give me ideas.
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Mr Magic Posted on Jan 24, 2015 at 02:36 PM

If you happen to do another list, could you use this video, please?

As you can see, the superstars come together/interact in this one.

Vaporman87 Posted on Jan 24, 2015 at 06:27 AM

The Toonami intro in which Tom speaks always caught my attention. Then, later on, I came to recognize the voice actor as that of Wolverine in many X-Men cartoons. In fact, I think he still does a lot of Wolverine voice work.

Mr Magic Posted on Jan 23, 2015 at 06:45 PM

I'll always have a place in my heart for the One Saturday Morning intro.

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