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My First Day of Kindergarten

It was the fall of 1995. I can't remember the exact date or even the month.  But I remember I was preparing for this for months. I had everything - my notebooks, crayons, all new clothes, and a cool backpack.  It had a barn on it that you could open the door to and a popup cow would pop out. And I think it played Old McDonald or maybe it made a chicken noise. I can't remember for sure, but I had new suspenders with a new shirt - blue with white stripes.  I was stylin',  but the coolest thing about my new clothes was I had the coolest kicks around that didn't light up. I had the Mighty Morphin Power Ranger shoes. Mine had the White Ranger on them. He was my favorite Power Ranger. My point is I was ready, I just had to grab some breakfast and watch a few minutes of VR Troopers.

I loved this show as a kid.  But anyway, I realized I was running late for school when my sister slapped me in the back of the head and yelled that I was going to make her late for school. It was her first day of middle school.

On the way there, she was explaining to me what was going to happen on my first day of school. Everything she told me about gym, recess, lunch, how bathroom breaks worked, was all pretty normal.  Except she told me that at lunch the teachers would each pick out a student to cook and eat for lunch. She told me they would eat one of the kids everyday.

Now I was a kid, but I was pretty smart for my age.  I knew, or was pretty sure anyway, that it wasn't true. I said "Yeah sis, I saw that episode of The Simpsons too. Nice try though." I tried to act like that didn't bother me at all. But truthfully, it did stick in my head a little. Why else would my brother Jason hate school so much.

Anyway, my oldest brother Dan dropped me off. I was already late, so I ran into school as fast as I could. But I was 7 minutes late. My teacher, Mrs. Kathy, just told me to find a spot on the floor. But nobody wanted me to sit with them, except this girl who told me I could sit next to her. They told us to introduce ourselves to the students next to us. The girl that was nice to me told me her name was Shannon, and she was my first friend I made in school. After that the teacher said it was recess time. But before we could go outside, we had to hear all the recess rules. No running with scissors or pointy sticks, and she told us this graphic story about a kid who was running with a stick and fell over, impaling the stick through his hand. At age 5, we all needed to hear that. But I guess it got the point across. Not that it mattered as we did it anyway, using them as swords and other weapons. But despite our careless use of the sticks and a cootie outbreak, we came in unharmed.

Then it was lunch time, and I went to go wash my hands. When I got back, my new friend Blake that I had played with and talked Batman with during recess, was crying and saying they were going to eat him. That's when I thought back to what my sister said.  I got defensive all through lunch, but no one tried to eat us. Blake and I had each other's backs. We weren't going down without a fight. But nothing at all happened. We were a little suspicious of the janitor, but he was just getting help to carry milk to the fridge. Then it was nap time, except for the kids that got picked up on walks and rides. I collapsed into the back seat of the truck in relief. I had survived my first day of school, and made many new friends doing it.
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Vaporman87 Posted on Jan 23, 2015 at 08:38 PM

I recall very little about my kindergarten days. I can picture the room, it's layout, and being outside to eat lunch. But much of anything else is muddled.

I do know that I ran into a fellow who was a classmate of mine for many years, including kindergarten, at the fair this past year, and we spoke a couple times for quite a while.

My memory of him in kindergarten was that he was the kid with the metal brace on his leg (or legs??? Can't recall now). He wore those braces for quite a while. He seems to walk perfectly normal, so they must have done their job.

pikachulover Posted on Jan 23, 2015 at 08:27 PM

You're lucky you had nice time. Mine was traumatizing. The strange thing was there were a lot of kids in my class who failed kindergarten and were there for another year so they knew what to do. I was just a rookie.

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