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Odd TV show episodes #1

Greetings readers, today I'd like to introduce a new series I whipped up. As the title shows, this will focus on some television show episodes that left me, and possibly others, with a weird taste in their mouth after watching them again in adulthood. To kick things off, I'll be starting with Rugrats.

Rugrats Season 2 - Episode 10 - Reptar on Ice (1992)

The episode begins with Tommy and Angelica at Tommy's house in the kitchen as their breakfast gets prepared. Tommy reaches in for a bowl of Reptar cereal that's for Angelica, but is briefly scolded by Didi, being told that he can't eat it. Being the brat she is, she tells Stu and Didi about the extinction of dinosaurs, giving Tommy some concern that Reptar is gone for good. The other babies don't believe it, so a quick search in the backyard gives them hope of finding them. Instead they find a lizard that has the same patterns on its back as Reptar.

At first glance Tommy thinks it belongs to Reptar himself, but before he decides to bring it along it gives chase running to the end of the backyard patio as Tommy catches it. Chuckie warns him about Didi heading to the patio door, following with Tommy who is hiding the lizard in his diaper. Feeling awkward movements from the lizard, Tommy begins acting funny as his mom brings him back in the house with the babies.

Just a reminder folks, having a lizard down your drawers is also like experiencing acid.

Stu and grandpa Lou catch a commercial announcing the premiere of Reptar on Ice, an ice show happening at at a shopping center around the area. The babies are in for a surprise as Stu makes the decision to take them to the show. Tommy hands over the lizard to Chuckie as he shows discomfort. Chuckie obviously has pockets in those shorts, but as they're on their way to to the ice show it's in his clothes. Meanwhile Stu somehow forgets where he kept the ice show tickets as we're shown the man behind the Reptar costume, Leo.

Leo, doing countless performances for the show has grown tired of his job, yet in his contract he still has tons to go. He admits that he's not fond of lizards (that comes into play later) and especially amphibians. As the show begins everyone finds their seats and Chuckie hands the lizard back to Tommy. The show starts with Reptar appearing out of a stage prop volcano.

"Now that's entertainment!"

The plot of the show itself is that Reptar causes destruction upon a city, as a lone human female shows her love towards him as he's about to get captured. As the performance wears thin on the audience and lulling them to sleep, the babies find that it's time to go into the rink and hand the lizard to Reptar, the only problem is that once they arrive, he's gone! Leo happens to be backstage getting some refreshment for a brief moment while the babies search for him in the rink. Eventually as a new scene in the show happens, they all bump into them, causing a halt in the performance. Lou happens to wake up, and he wakes up Stu, alerting him about the babies being out in the rink. As he slips around on the ice Leo notices Tommy covering the lizard in his hands. He freaks out, carrying the woman and hightailing it away from the lizard.

Stu makes it over to Tommy as to return him back to the seat, and the episode ends.

If there are those of you who have never seen this episode of the show, Nickelodeon rarely aired it. It was likely due to the reason of bestiality in the ice show with the relationship of a human and a lizard. That, or the recurrence of Tommy and Chuckie hiding the lizard under their clothes near the beginning of the episode. The episode would later see a release on vhs, as well as the "decade in diapers" video that would come years later after the episode's first airing. For one that aired early during the show I thought it was pretty humorous that this was poking fun at the popularity of actual ice shows at the time, and with that said I would've loved to see a Broadway performance of Reptar on Ice. 

That wraps up part one of this series, stay tuned for more!
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Mr Magic Posted on Jul 01, 2015 at 01:09 PM

One other thing I would like to point out from "Reptar on Ice" is the lizard's yellow vision. It kind of makes you feel dizzy looking at it.

Benjanime Posted on Jul 01, 2015 at 03:04 AM

@blueluigi at the most they'd show it every now and then, but as i said not as often as the other episodes.

blueluigi Posted on Jul 01, 2015 at 02:49 AM

Nickelodeon rarely aired it? That's a new one to me. I recall seeing this quite a number of times along with other episodes.

Actually, you know. It's funny to me. I've been seeing reports of certain episodes of Nickelodeon shows that were supposedly withheld from airing after the original airings. And yet, I recall seeing the episode air fairly regularly. I've heard about how the Hey Arnold episode, Arnold Betrays Iggy was pulled off Nickelodeon for years and not reairing again until The 90s Are All That reaired the episode. Yet, I remember seeing that episode fairly often and do not recall a single instance in which the episode was banned from airing.

pikachulover Posted on Jul 01, 2015 at 02:24 AM

I've seen this episode a few times on Telemundo they used to air (the Spanish dub) quite frequently. I've also seen the English version. I think it's a pretty funny episode.

Benjanime Posted on Jun 30, 2015 at 10:52 PM


that's somewhat of the idea, that and episodes that are just plain bizarre that i'd like to talk about as well. one in particular that i plan on doing is the super mario bros. super show episode "mario and the beanstalk" that includes a scene with luigi wrestling an udder from a giant cow.

@thecrow174 i know it did air a few times here and there, but not as often as the other episodes. the nicktoons channel aired it regularly, however. i noticed that too, i guess the animators decided that showing something happening on television would be too hard to draw if the tv itself was drawn too far away.

Mr Magic Posted on Jun 30, 2015 at 07:24 PM

I've seen it a countless number of times on Nickelodeon.

Speaking of oddness, I've noticed in it is that when Stu and Grandpa are watching TV, it looks as though they're looking at nothing but colors and there's background music.

Vaporman87 Posted on Jun 30, 2015 at 06:53 PM

This should be a fun topic for coming articles, Ben. Nicely done. It always interests me when networks declare certain episodes too controversial to air beyond the first airing, or at all.

I never personally saw this episode, but I can see why it COULD potentially cause some grief with advertisers and viewers. Even so, I think it's a real stretch. Perhaps the whole "acid trip" element was the cause.

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