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Forum » Retro Products » what was your first comic do you ever remember reading.
mine was the x-men 30th anniversary issues.

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It had to be some random issues of Batman back in the late 80's, but it was the Death of Superman that captured my imagination and got me hooked.
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It's hard to say. If it wasn't an issue of Iron Man, then it was likely something from a friend's collection... which would probably be Spider-Man or Batman or some character along those lines.

The first comic I PURCHASED was an Iron Man comic. Unless you count the mini-comics that were packed in with He-Man figures.
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Some Disney titles, I think. I remember having a huge omnibus of Donald Duck stories (in Russian) that I would read constantly.
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It was an old Lois Lane comic, funny enough. I want to say it was 'Lois Lane, Convict!'
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Probably also the HE-MAN mini comics that were included in the Masters of the Universe figures.   At a very young age I had Incredible Hulk,  Spider-Man, and Batman coloring books,  records, and story books.  I regularly watched Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends and the Incredible Hulk cartoons growing up. The first comic that I can remember purchasing was off the spinning rack at a 7 Eleven after a trip to the dentist; it was Uncanny X-Men 232. After that the race was on for all things comic book even birthday parties. I probably bought more books from the back issue boxes than the current issues available in those early collecting days, thankfully they were still relatively cheap then. I also begged for old collections from relatives that I knew that had them in attics and garages.  I amassed a surprising number in a short time.  My collection started out fairly old with books mostly printed before I was born.  It introduced me to a wide variety of characters and genres like old horrorcomics, etc.
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does this count?

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I believe this may have been my first. At least, the earliest comic I remember.

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Naturally blue's had to do with gaming.
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I still love this comic book series, I just wish I had more issues.
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Kraven's Last Hunt.  I remember my grandmother giving me a box of assorted comic books, and all the KLH issues were in it.  I think I was around 9 or 10 at the time.
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