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Christmas comes to
pacland - 1982


Yogis First
Christmas - 1980


A Snow White
Christmas - 1980


A Chipmunk Christmas
- 1981


Yogi Bears All-Star
Comedy Christmas Caper - 1982


Ziggys Gift -


The Smurfs Christmas
Special - 1982


Chrisatmas at Pooh
Corner - 1983  Not a cartoon…


(smurfs) Babys First
Christmas - 1983


Mickeys Christmas
Carol - 1983


A Christmas Story
(Donkey Kong Jr.) - 1983   In spanish.
Lol -


A Dickens of a
Christmas (The Dukes) - 1983


Cabbage Patch Kids
first christmas - 1984


A Jetsons Christmas
Carol - 1985


The GLO Friends Save
Christmas - 1985  


Cobra Claws Are
Coming To Town - GIJOE - 1985


He-Man and
She-Ra:  A Christmas Special - 1985


Thomas and the
missing Tree - 1986


Babar and Father
Christmas - 1986


Happy Howlidays
(Pound Puppies) - 1986


Xmas Marks the
spot  (Real Ghostbusters) - 1986


Tis the season to be
smurfy - 1987


A garfield christmas
special - 1987


The Tom and Jerry
christmas special - 1987


Tex's Terrible Night
(BraveStarr) - 1987


The year scroogenip
swiped christmas (hello kitty furry tale theater) - 1987


The carebears
nutcracker suite - 1988


Simpsons Christmas
(Tracy Ulman Show) - 1988


Christmas in July
(Camp Candy) - 1989   bad quality


The Ghost of
Christmas Paddington - 1989


Koopa Klaus AND  Santa Claus is coming to Flatbush  (Super Mario Bros. Super Show) - 1989



Merry Christmas Mr.
Carroll (Alvin and the Chipmunks) - 1989


Simpsons roasting on
an open fire - 1989


Heatwave Holiday
(Garfield and friends) -1989







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Nostalgia Junkie
1987 Will Vinton's A Claymation Christmas Celebration featuring the California Raisins came out directly after A Garfield Christmas Special for a full hour of holiday fun. I recorded it off television and watched it repeatedly even though it was re-aired for several years or with A Charlie Brown Christmas. All three are still a staple of my family's holiday viewing.
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Christmas Every Day from 1987.

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Did the Rambo and GI Joe cartoons really have Christmas episodes? That sounds amazing. I'll have to track those down. 
I know it's not strictly a *cartoon*, but Pee Wee's Playhouse had a special that I think is worth including.
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Something Fishy/Christmas Memories
North pole Cat/He ain't Heavy He's my Brother
Heathcliff 1986

Light Ray Robot
Astro Boy 1980 (Japan release)

The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus

Pinocchio's Christmas

Insanity Claus
Pink Panther and Sons 1984
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