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Apparently, Disney is rebooting The Mickey Mouse Club for a new generation. I've heard that the show will only be available online and that each episode will only run a few minutes in length.

Did anybody here ever watch any of the past incarnations of this show as a child? Though it was way before my time, I watched a bit of the '50s version with Annette Funicello. As I recall, they used to air it really late at night on the Disney Channel during the early 2000s. Although the '89-'94 version probably would have appealed to me as a kid, I don't believe I ever caught an episode of it. I'm pretty sure my family didn't have the Disney Channel as a part of our cable package during the years it was airing.

Eh... the 90s version of the show doesn't hold up well, in my opinion. I imagine the same would be said for this incarnation, but who knows.
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I wonder if the new group of kids will wear the iconic mouse ears. My guess would be that they won't wear them, but you never know. It's my understanding that they weren't worn in the last incarnation. If they were considered uncool by the '90s, I would think that they would be considered even more uncool now.
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It could work, but I have my doubts.
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For the sake of the revival, I hope it becomes a memorable one. 

A lot of times, revivals don't.
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