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What retro thing(s) are you most obsessed with? My list would include the following:

1. Anything and everything involving Superman
2. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
3. Any video games starring Mario and/or Luigi
4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
5. The Beach Party movies from the '60s that starred Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon

I could name more, but I think those are probably my top five. What would make your list? Include as many or as few things as you want.

Universal Monsters
Marvel Comic Books 60s-80s
Indiana Jones
Star Wars
Masters of the Universe
Duck Tales
Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends
Dungeons and Dragons
Ben Cooper and Collegetown Halloween costumes
Arcade games
Secret Wars

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Mr Magic
90s cartoons.
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Easily music. Other stuff I need to be in the mood for. 
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Top of the list would be Masters of the Universe. But I could say anything '80s related... films, music, toys, etc.
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I could also add Star Wars and Marvel characters to my original list.
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I'm obsessed with retro video-games for sure!

And my collection of AZ-Diez magazines... seriously, I'm really mad I don't have them all. Those were super expensive at the time, but man was that worth it.
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I dunno about obsessed but retro things I like the most include 80s & classical music, history, film scores, old Nick TV especially early late 80s, etc. 
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90's cartoons including any live action show that came on in  a cartoon block like power rangers goosebumps are you afraid of the dark etc
90'a comics 
80's and 90's sitcoms 
90' toys
90's scifi horrior and  x-files american gothic xena and hercules etc
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Mr Magic
Horror films from the old days.
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