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Mr Magic
What would you want to have with you?

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A mansion, servants, completely sustainable food supply, yacht, 100 years worth of fuel...
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You love this signature.
Computer and solar-powered generator
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I'd want Ginger and Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island on the island with me, everything previously mentioned, a TV, DVD player, and my DVD collection.
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A large enough island that had its own ecosystem like Admiralty Island Alaska. My family, some friends. A log cabin, permanent large game herds and fisheries both freshwater lakes and streams and coastal oceanic. Firearms, ammunition, gardening tools, seeds, woodworking tools, blacksmithing tools, all weather gear, ample supply of clothing and bedding, first aid supplies, access to a supply drop if needed by plane. Close enough to the mainland to kayak over. Forests, mountains, lakes, rivers, beaches, inlets, tidal flats, grasslands. Etc.
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Rick Ace Rhodes
A group of attractive women who do nothing but tend to my every whim while I sit in a recliner playing stacks of different video games.
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*Insert funny signature here*