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The reboot will apparently change the format of the original by having the teams based on the characters the stars play/played on TV rather than being divided up by network. Besides the team captains, one of which is Rousey, the cast will change from week to week. Any thoughts on this?

Rick Ace Rhodes
When things don't go here way on the show, is she going to have to be put on suicide watch?
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I do like the idea of the stars staying in character for the show. That sounds like fun. I want to see Murray Goldberg do... well, anything really.
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From some of the articles I've read, they're apparently going to have a mixture between current and retro stars. I'm curious to see who they end up with. The fact that they'll switch out casts every week means they might be able to get more current celebrities than they would have if this was a more long-term commitment.
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Did anybody else watch it? They are going to rerun the premiere on Saturday and Monday.

They threw in some retro elements like the yellow ABC jackets, footage from the original series, and a new Wide World of Sports opening.

I don't think I ever watched the original series. It was off the air when I was 4.
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I haven't seen it yet, but I've got it on the DVR. I'll probably watch it tonight. I'm glad to hear that they threw in some retro elements. I was hoping that they would.
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