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Well, spill the beans...what did you get for Christmas?

I got some Clint Eastwood dvds, a new Leatherman tool, a new pocket Mag-Lite, and a tablet.

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not a lot here, my parents and i have been tight on money since moving to a new area this year.

my older brother got me a $20 gift card for steam and bought a few games during a holiday sale. gta IV, a few half-life games, brutal legend and counter strike source.

my parents on the other hand got some movie tickets for regal cinema from my older brother, so possibly after next week we're gonna go see star wars: rogue one.
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The only Christmas gift I got this year was a DVD of Snow White and the Huntsman from my mom. I do enjoy Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and the show Once Upon a Time, so I'd say it's a pretty decent gift.

Did anyone get any cool retro gifts?
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Rick Ace Rhodes
Some pretty cool stuff. My aunt bought me the entire series of a cartoon I used to love as a kid: Transformers Armada. Aside from that, I got a ton of books, a couple of gift cards, a few video games, a new pair of shoes and a San Antonio Spurs shirt.
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A bar of nice soap, a Stranger Things T shirt, candy, and a 100 dollar gift card. All from my Ex's family. 
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I got the NES Classic Edition, Some board/card games, the Gremlins and E.T. Lego Dimensions packs, Watch Dogs 2 for Xbox One, and a few other things.
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How late did you stay up last night playing Nintendo?

And did it feel anything at all like getting your very first Nintendo?
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Mr Magic
An FYE gift care.
A Chick-fil-A gift card.
A Blu-ray player
Clothes, of course
BOD products
A pair of dress shoes.
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My wonderful family went above and beyond this year.

Inhumanoids! D'Compose, Tendril and Metlar.

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mickyarber wrote :

How late did you stay up last night playing Nintendo?

And did it feel anything at all like getting your very first Nintendo?
-end quote
I think people (Myself included) were caught up in the madness of procuring one more so than playing it. I think its cool, but the controller is like a foot and a half long. I was up late playing Star Tropics though.
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Caps 2.0
Since my birthday is so near to Christmas (I turned 34 on December 22nd), I'll just combine the two and list what I got altogether. There weren't that many gifts, but in terms of what I did get

For my birthday:

-A 75 dollar check from my aunt and uncle
-25 dollars from a childhood friend
-20 dollars from an adulthood friend
-A 50 Dollar Barnes and Noble gift certificate from a friend
-2 Vanilla Visa cards from friends, one $25 and the other $50

My brother also let me keep the $50 Vanilla Visa gift card we got from the fire department. We get gift cards from them every year because my later father was a volunteer fireman and he was very much loved by the fire department.

On Christmas day, I visited the friend who gave me the Barnes and Noble gift card, and she had a Christmas present for me of a 75 dollar Amazon gift card. She also gave one to my brother.

If I recall what another friend who attended my birthday dinner said, she'll have her gift over to me soon.
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