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5417ArticleVaporman87It wouldn't be a proper list without Ecto-Cooler on there. I had no idea that Pringles made printed on chips? That's an interesting concept. I'm surprised they didn't do more with that. May 10, 2021View
5418ArticleMr MagicI miss Creme Savers.12 Retro Snacks & Drinks I want to see Come BackMay 10, 2021View
5419ArticleBenjanimewhen i first saw bellywashers popping up in stores i was like "is it a new type of shampoo soap?" then i looked closer on the bottle lol. this took me back to the retrojunk article "foods my mouth misses" by cosgrove.12 Retro Snacks & Drinks I want to see Come BackMay 10, 2021View
5421ArticleBenjanimei really need to get into watching jackie chan adventures again, just as i was in my midway point of high school (around 2004) i kinda lost interest with the kids wb block and seemed to forget that the show was still going on, i forgot the majority of powers there were and i'm glad this article gave a refresher on that. very neat idea for a great early 2000s cartoon. i'm assuming that picture of the trix yogurt was unintentional unless you planned to mention your previous article in this one. either way, greatly written.The Talismans of Shendu: From Worst to BestMay 10, 2021View
5422ArticleoniparNice list. Lots of stuff here I don't remember at all. We were so lucky to have gotten the return of Ecto with the last Ghostbusters release. I was really hoping they'd do it again, and even more than that, make it a seasonal Halloween thing. 12 Retro Snacks & Drinks I want to see Come BackMay 11, 2021View
5423Article I have passion for the past as wellRetro ThriftingMay 15, 2021View
5424Article I hated going back to schoolThe dreaded back to school phaseMay 15, 2021View
5425Article when I was younger I used to love to go back to New Orleans I mean good times just visiting family and just relaxing, visiting family back then My Favorite SummerMay 15, 2021View
5426ArticleBenjanimeeh, i played the new one and it was just okay. one thing i loved about the original was how you could get certain pok'emon to evolve in interesting ways, and uncover hidden images. i'm glad i was able to buy it again on my wii u :)Pokemania: Pokemon SnapMay 24, 2021View
5427ArticleJulieI remember reading about the GBA on some gaming magazines of the time, saying it has a 32-bit central processor. I was afraid it would substitute the PlayStation for having the same processing power but it didn't show that power with the time and more releasing titles. Even the Silent Hill was just a novel for reading (of course the GBA has much more power than that). But then I was glad to have a handheld more powerful than the Super Nintendo (just with a lower resolution) and all portable! And it has some really great games. Amazingly charismatic article as always. Well written and deliciously nostalgic. ❤The Game Boy Advance LaunchMay 24, 2021View