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5406ArticleMr Magic@splatkillwill: Never would've gotten through that icy cave if it weren't for the guide. Mar 19, 2021View
5407ArticleBenjanimei have a stepdad who thought i should have grown out of the whole pok'emon thing by the time i was 13 (at that time the millennium happened) but i still had some merchandise laying around, having one of the children's books from scholastic that featured an episode from the anime, a couple of those rubber bouncing balls with a pok'emon inside as well as a binder of trading cards. at times i really do miss when the phenomenon first happened as a fad and all of that marketing went into it. i too dug into the world of emulation and played pok'emon red and blue, though my computer was such a potato back then that it couldn't handle GBA, so i just stuck to the originals. great article, silver! i'd love to see more pok'emon related articles here.Pokemon, as I remember itApr 01, 2021View
5408ArticleSilvervixThank you very much! And duuuuude, my computer couldn't handle GBA emulation, either! I got SO disappointed when Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire would flat out crash my potato XDPokemon, as I remember itApr 01, 2021View
5409ArticleGH0STWRTR010Wow ! this article takes me back. I always remember how exciting it was to find any new news on pokemon in magazines or just about anywhere. I even remember seeing some old artwork that had unused pokemon and it didn't hit till later on that I would never see them in the game or show. of course, the text was always in Japanese, and I couldn't read it but I always recall the thrill of seeing something new during gen 1 and 2 eras. I was lucky enough to be able to play the games by borrowing them from my brother's friend but of course, giving them back meant losing my game data. Pokemon, as I remember itApr 02, 2021View
5411ArticleVaporman87You know, I would personally consider GoldenEye a "party" game. Mainly because my brother and our friends played it more together when we gathered than any other multiplayer game.Remembering the party games of N64Apr 15, 2021View
5412Articleechidna64Love, love, love these games! We played our fair share of Donkey Kong 64 multiplayer shooter mode and Gauntlet Legends. Remembering the party games of N64Apr 15, 2021View
5413ArticleJulieWell, all I can say is that I never had the multiplayer experience on the Nintendo 64. Rarely did my mom play video games with me, like Double Dragon on the Master System and Altered Beast on the Sega Genesis and on the PlayStation, Pac-Man World, switching the controllers between us when it was our turn to play. Once again, an article cutely well written and pleasurable to read for the nostalgia and all the charisma of @Benjanime. ❤❤Remembering the party games of N64Apr 15, 2021View
5414ArticleBenjanime@Vapor i have to admit, at the time i didn't have much experience with the FPS genre at the time, though i did play a bit of the original medal of honor when it came out. @echidna64 i never got the chance to play the console versions of gauntlet legends, but i did however play a small portion of the arcade version of it at a bowling alley in ohio, fun times :) @Julie then we'll definitely have to play some co-op together someday, my love ;) especially the arcade games on the raspberry pi 3! thank you always for the cute compliments, my love ❤Remembering the party games of N64Apr 15, 2021View
5415ArticleBenjanimean interesting concept for an easter article, looking forward to more unique ideas :)RetroOtaku620 and Level Up's Virtual Easter Egg HuntApr 15, 2021View
5416ArticleRetroOtaku620I made a mistake in calling one of the characters by the wrong name. Pixel's canine sidekick is named Byte, but I thought his name was Rex.Agent Pixel: Forgotten Hero and Lost Nicktoon of the WebMay 02, 2021View