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189ArticleVaporman87Awesome. The only game I recognize is Fester's Quest, and you're right... it was an odd one. So much obscure retrogaming goodness in this. I doubt you'll find any of these titles for an emulator. Jan 25, 2013View
190ArticleraptorGlad you'all enjoyed it. I have a great deal of memories wrapped up in ShowBiz, so to discover some of this info was a bit of time warp.ShowBiz Pizza RememberedJan 25, 2013View
192ArticleraptorNever heard of any of these games but this makes me want to hook up the nes and hit ebay to see what some of them are going for.Obscure Gaming Legacy Volume 1Jan 25, 2013View
194ArticleMr MagicGood article, Ben. That Vice: Project Doom game looks like something developed by Konami. It's looks like it's worth playing judging from that pic.Obscure Gaming Legacy Volume 1Jan 25, 2013View
195ArticleBenjanime@thtecrow174: it's an interesting one, but it's from a company that i'd never even heard from before called sammy. @raptor9873: they're definitely worth checking out, even though many have a high difficulty. expect to be jamming the A and B buttons with caveman ughlympics though. @Vaporman87: i've scrounged a few emulator sites before when i first started high school. they pretty much have the complete library, but with those annoying game hacks inbetweenObscure Gaming Legacy Volume 1Jan 25, 2013View
196ArticleVaporman87It's just not the same with an emulator and computer anyway. There's just something about sitting in front of a 32 inch picture tube television with that NES controller in your hand that can be replicated.Obscure Gaming Legacy Volume 1Jan 25, 2013View
200ArticleAceNThaHoleNice read Benjanmie. I don't know of any of these games, but now I do.Obscure Gaming Legacy Volume 1Jan 25, 2013View
201ArticleAceNThaHoleI DIDN'T know - not DON'T know. <facepalm>Obscure Gaming Legacy Volume 1Jan 25, 2013View
202ArticleProphetSwordGreat article. I remember Showbiz pizza. Didn't realize that there was such a sordid history behind all this, though. That was an eye-opener.ShowBiz Pizza RememberedJan 25, 2013View
203ArticleraptorI guess for Fechter, the plus side was that he ended up hooking up with that hot girl in the documentary. So, he may not be a rock star but, you can't win 'em all.ShowBiz Pizza RememberedJan 25, 2013View