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shakin steak
Did anyone else play this game, either on Atari or Nintendo? 

I got it for xmas in the late 80s, from my uncle.  He has always been a Star Trek nut and I think that's why he got this for me.  I don't believe he knew much about video games at the time, but he certainly does now. 

This game is...well, it seems impossible to me.  Yet I kept going back to it, hoping this would be the time I figure something out.  There is a good explanation of everything about the game here.  I have never once destroyed an enemy ship, never found the laser upgrade or the monolith, basically never done anything but warp, refuel, land on empty planets, and get my ass kicked.  But there is something I like about this game that I can't put my finger on.  Can someone tell me how to find the mothership in an enemy fleet?  They all look the same.

The gameplay portion kind of looks a tad like the old Atari Star Wars game.
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Mr Magic
For a moment, I thought this was going to be a Star Trek thread.
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the name sounds vaguely familiar, so i'm sure i had it in my NES library at one point
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