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did anyone ever chance upon reading nickelodeon magazine during its early publication?

i remember getting an issue around 1997 when they revealed hey arnold and the angry beavers as coming shows. they usually had a bit of trivial pages as well as fun projects to do, and i looked forward to more issues.

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Mr Magic
That was a fun mag. I remember the "Say What?" feature. I got my first issue back in 1994.
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I had a subscription to this magazine for a very long time. Somewhere at my parent's house is a huge stash of the things that I need to get. I honestly remember very little about it.
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shakin steak
I had a few issues. I don't remember much but it was pretty entertaining.
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I was just reading a few issues yesterday. I have some more issues in my storage space.
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I only Have one Issue, It's the one with Billy Chrystal .
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