Before the 1939 musical, "The Wizard of Oz", there was an earlier movie fantasy on a grand scale: "Alice In Wonderland", 1933.

For a generation of Americans, this 1933 movie was THE film for Alice In Wonderland fans. Disney's animated version didn't arrive until 1951.

AIW33 was a big-budget, all-star cast fantasy spectacle produced by Paramount Pictures, that became a box office bomb in the theaters! It was the television broadcasting rights in the 1950's that saved this movie.

All through the 50's and 60's, AIW33 became a mainstay of Sunday afternoon local television, and haunted the nightmares of many children as a result.

After seeing this movie many times growing up, it's only the animated The Walrus and the Carpenter that captured my attention. Everything else in this classic film is waay too bizarre for me - like a bad dream.