The famous Czech film director Karel Zeman was extremely proud to have his most ambitious film, "Invention for Destruction", premiere at Expo-58 in Brussels, Belgium.

For distribution in the English speaking world the title was changed to, "The Fabulous World of Jules Verne".

The original title echos the plot about a power-mad millionare named Count Artigas and his gang of pirates kidnapping a brilliant scientist who has worked out the equations to build the world's first mega-bomb (nuclear). 

Count Artigas plans to use this mega-bomb to threaten all the world's governments to bend to his demands - total domination!

Since the last time I posted about this movie, a cleaner, clearer upload has been on YouTube since last year and I want Retro-Daze to have a goodlooking copy instead of the low resolution stuff from earlier.

Expo-58: Bringing the Past and the Future Together!