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Broadcast television only has one real power - the power of repetition.

Imagine this, for two years, 1968 and 1969, this Camp Fire Girls PSA ran before, and after, every cartoon, all day on Saturday mornings. Try as you might, no one could escape hearing this ad short of turning the TV off completely. Then you could hear it from the neighbor's open window!

But then a strange thing happened - this PSA became an unofficial Saturday morning anthem. After hearing it a few hundred times this soundtrack sort of permeated every weekend. Personally, I could hear it in my head late into the evening. I could hear it as I lay in bed looking up at the night sky.

Never realized how much this song got to me  - until the ad was pulled by Campfire USA.

The audio recording is awful, Thomas Edison could've done better with a needle and a wax cylinder. Maybe the bad recording is part of this PSA's charm. After 50 years I can only make out two lines of lyrics. The rest of the music is from an original garage band that I've never known the name of.



shakin steak

I thought you were joking about the sound quality. Is that really what it sounded like 50 years ago? 

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shakin steak wrote :

I thought you were joking about the sound quality. Is that really what it sounded like 50 years ago? 

-end quote


It's hard to believe, but you're actually hearing the Camp Fire Girls song at the same poor playback quality that was originally aired back in 1968/1969. I'm still of the opinion that this PSA does not meet the broadcast standards of the National Association of Broadcasters, (NAB), but was given a waiver as a "PSA" to be held to "community stabdards" of local television. 


This is what I know - the name of the song is, "What is a Camp Fire Girl?" and each stanza of the lyrics is an answer to the songs title. All I can make out from the aawful recording is:


"what is a camp fire girl?" - "she's not opposed to finding out"

"what is a camp fire girl?" - "she'll grow on trust and not on doubt"


50 years later and I can only make out two lines of lyrics, lol.

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