In October of 1964 the original Outer Limits aired an episode called, "Demon with a Glass Hand". An android named Trent has a hand-shaped computer and each finger is a detachable memory stick. Starring Robert Kulp, as Trent, and Arlene Martel, "Demon with a Glass Hand" has to be one of the most original stories ever to appear on 60's television.

The Earth is invaded by an alien race called the Kyben and billions of people are slaughtered. Only a few million humans still exist.  But when the Kyben return for the final assault against humanity the entire human population of survivors has disappeared from the face of the planet.

The Kyben step into a horrible boopy trap! The Earth has been seeded with an electronic plague that destroys all sentient lifeforms. The Kyben invasion force is fully infected and the disease is spreading to the Kyben homeworld.

Where are all the surviving humans?

All 17 million human survivors have been digitized and placed inside Trent's chest. Of course Trent had no idea he was a robot, he assumed he was human. Now Trent will face a lonely future for the next 1,200 years when the plague will expire, the Kyben will be extinct, and the planet will be habitable again for humanity.

That leaves Arlene Martel's character, Consuelo, as the last real human - with no future at all.