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I'm no stranger to disappointment, but even I'm stunned to what has happened to popular franchises like "Star Wars", "Star Trek", "Doctor Who" and "Game Of Thrones".

But disappointment can lead to a reverse path of criticism of older films, that many people still enjoy. 

Lately the 1996 blockbuster, "Independence Day" has come under attack for being "stupid". And by "stupid" I take that to mean "a formula" film that does everything in a cliche kinda way.

There's nothing wrong with a formula film if you find it satisfying and enjoyable. That's why it's entertaining. But there are guys that may never have liked "Independence Day" and now find a willing audience to take a few jabs at this famous summer movie hit from July 3rd, 1996.

I like Red Letter Media and generally agree with their reviews (especially of modern movies). When I don't, it's no big deal. Sometimes when you go back to watch a movie it's not as good as you remembered it. It just means your tastes and standards have evolved. One of my favorite stupid movies is Superfuzz, starring Terrence Hill and Ernest Borgnine. It's about a cop that gets superpowers. Trust me, it makes Independence Day look like Oscar nominee material.

What I find more troubling is the trend of declaring older movies "problematic" and then censoring them to be more compliant for today's culture. Recently Disney removed a credits joke from Toy Story 2. It's disturbing to think how many other movies this could be applied to...

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I'm actually glad to see that more entertainment sites are taking a fresh look at older movies. Even my favorite movies have scenes that don't measure up or make sense. It is a fun indicator of how much I've changed when I watch an old favorite again. 

It's interesting that Mike at RedLetterMedia has never liked "Independence Day". It's OK that I disagree with him.
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