Two films I was trying to find was a horror from the 80's I believe it's either listed or discontinued or something and other one was a B movie horror thriller.

Moon 31 I think it's called was about two astronauts on a base up in space and it had some sort of experiments where the evil alien became the host for them and deformed there bodies. I remember one part where the main hero was looking at a body screen and the aline deformed the body he was looking at. It wasn't dark side of the moon from 1990 but it had a similar look!

The killer film I carnt remember if its called American killers 97 film or 98 but it had a family being tsakane hostage and the young daughter went with the long haired blonde one into the room to have sex. Then from what my father told me they go down into the basement to find cannibal killers hiding out. The plot it a bit daft but that's what I can remember.

Be great if you can find them!