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Remember them.

BTW I've tried to post a clickable link and have read all the help that was given to me and failed so forgive me for not posting a clickable link. 

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Hi MIKE! That's some nice classic rock, thanks for sharing!
I don't know if you saw my post in the other thread but I will try to help you here.

To make a clickable link, highlight the text and click the button with a chain picture.

Then enter the address of the link and click the Submit button.
You can do this with the address plainly:

Or you can use whatever readable text you want before entering the address:
Loggins & Messina 


You can also embed the video with the Embed Video button if you get the iframe embed code, which Youtube makes available in the Share options)

If you click on Edit under your post, you can update it to make whatever changes you want.

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I read you instructions in the thread I posted on the topic. Tried it with another video and had no success. 

I'll try it again the nest time I have something to post.
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