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Forum » Chew The Fat » Did you have Cable/Satellite as a child?
NLogan wrote :

@Bluegrassbaby86 also a buddy of mine who also happens to be blind could play the piano fantastically well. When we were kids we played name that tune with him pounding them out on the keys. Categories were like movies, television, cartoons, and the hard category. The hard category were things like jingles from commercials or the local news. It was maddening because the jingles were so familiar but sometimes so hard to place for the more obscure commercials.

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I play the piano as well.  I make my living as a pianist in restaurants  or a busker when there is no restaurant.  I'm going back to college this fall to study to be a music therapist.
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Mr Magic wrote :


I remember when I was a kid, we had a box that looked sorta like this.

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Yup. That looks like the cable box I had growing up. Nickelodeon would come on Channel 15, which is what I would mainly watch.
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Mr Magic
That's pretty much what I watched too.

I also remember the little Scientific Atlanta remote.

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A day is like a dollar. It can be spent wisely or foolishly.

We had the only 4 pay Tv channels that existed back then.   the highest channel was 34.  basic cable got you up to channel 30. 
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