Did you love or hate them in school?

I LOATHED them. With every essence of my being I loathed them. I was a shy and quiet kid, non confrontation. So when the other kids are loudly taking over with what parts of the projects they wanted to do and who'd report on what, it always came off like I wasn't participating because I was afraid to open my mouth. Then of course I was terrified of standing up in front of the class and reading things so that didn't help. 

I remember the worst was in highschool. We were all given sections of the units we'd worked on throughout the year and my group of three (One really nice guy, not a terrible student but not a great one either, and a nearly straight A kind of bossy girl who has since apologized to me for being so extra) was assigned Chaucer. This really sucked because I couldn't stand that unit we did. I just couldn't get into it. So I struggled with finding ways to report back to the class on it (We had to come up with fake assignments for the class to do and lessons to teach them and that was hard when you didn't quite understand the material yourself) and this girl made me feel like total trash over it and when she could easily come up with things to spout off outloud to the class, she'd look at me and the other group member and say things like "Gee, feels like i'm the only actual group member here." and "I'm the only one doing anything anyway so let's do this". It was awful. 

I had issues a few times in highschool where people just assumed I wasn't doing anything because I wasn't being obnoxious about doing it. This one day we had an earth clean up day and were separated into large groups. In the morning i'd been picking up trash in a swampy area. Then walking along the trail near the school picking up trash and recyclable items. Later I planted a few trees. A girl showed up in the middle of the day to join our group. She was pretty obnoxious. At around 1:50 (School ended at 2:20) our teacher leader saw me put the last of the left over bags of soil in the truck while a few other kids were not quite finished planting the last of their trees. The teacher said I could go ahead and wash my hands and cut out early and wait for the bus if I wanted. The obnoxious girl heard this and said "Why does she get to leave??? She's not done anything yet!" the teacher looked at her like what the heck are you talking about? "She's been here all day doing stuff, she's fine". The girl rolled her eyes like the teacher was lying. I remember thinking "God I hate people. Why are people so annoying?". Her making such a fuss about it made me feel like a jerk even though i'd been there working the whole day and she'd showed up in the middle.