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Mr Magic
It's true:

The best things DOES come in small packages!


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I rarely got these as a kid, now I get them when they go on sale for a dollar. Nachos, ham and cheddar, and the pizza are my go tos.
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for the sake of having something interesting to snack on, i still occassionally buy them for nostalgic purposes. i used to love the pizza ones but don't like them as much anymore, so i mostly just have the hamd and cheese cracker stackers.
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I remember they used to have Taco Bell ones that came with tortillas and a packet of mystery meat that you were supposed to squeeze out and use as the filling .
Sounds really gross in hindsight, but those were my favorite in elementary school.
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Back in my day Lunchables used to come with Dijon mustard in a squeeze pack for your cracker sandwich. It made the perfect faux bird dropping when applied to a windshield of a vehicle from about two feet up. Little brown spots and everything. They also came with an Andes mint.

I still get lunchables occasionally for my boys. I also use them canyoneering since they are sealed but usually the uploaded versions or other various brands of protein pack.
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