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Forum » Retro T.V. & Movies » Jerry Maren (Wizard of Oz) has passed away
Rick Ace Rhodes
He was the last surviving member of the munchkin's from the film. He actually had a long career in film and did numerous commercials over the course of his life.

He led an interesting life. A piece of film history is forever gone.

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Very sad. I think The Wizard of Oz is one of those rare films that played an equally important role in the childhoods of kids from all generations since it was released. I certainly remember watching it every year when it was aired on TV during my own childhood.

Jerry Maren also appeared in the movie Superman and the Mole Men. As you can probably tell just from the title of the movie, it was a film that only could have been made in the '50s. Make no mistake, though; it's actually a pretty good movie. In fact, given Superman's lackluster history when it comes to most movies starring the superhero, it easily ranks at the middle of the pack when compared to all of the other Superman movies that have been made.
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R.I.P. everyone who was in the Wizard of Oz.
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Mr Magic
Michelangelo wrote :

R.I.P. everyone who was in the Wizard of Oz.
-end quote

And possibly the whole crew. Cameramen, writers, art directors, etc.

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