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I submitted one, but it hasn't been posted.
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Submitted two, waiting for them to be posted. Good luck everyone.
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I'm slowly making progress on mine. I think it'll be finished just in time for the deadline if I don't fall behind on my writing schedule.
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Article number 2 is done and submitted. I went with both of my Disney trips and you guys get to see what I looked like at 11 and 17. 
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It looks like I won't be able to finish my article.  My grandfather has been in the hospital for congestive heart failure for the last week, and I'm the only one who the doctors seem to call.

The article was going to be about his birth place and feature an actual road trip using Google Maps and the Street View.  I can't polish up those pages by the deadline.  Enjoy the first few pages!

Good luck, Everyone!
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@Radical: I’m sorry to hear about the failing health of your grandfather. I hope everything works out in the end. Also, amazing work on your article.

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You love this signature.
Well, it's past the deadline, the moment of truth is upon us. Good Luck everyone! 
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Radical your story was great. You should finish it. Sorry to hear about his health. The travelling in the van, the paranormal search during the summer, and the bat boy photo from the tabloids reminded me of the show Gravity Falls, that I watch with my boys.

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it's too bad you couldn't get around to finishing your article, it looks very professional, but it's understandable that you had to be there for your grandpa, sorry to hear about him.
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I would have had a third one, but my E3 coverage had to take priority. 
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