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Hey guys, I've decided to try my hand at creating some stuff for YouTube.  My first video I've done is a video version of my Pizza Hut article.  It's rough around the edges, but it was a good experience.  Check it out and give me whatever feedback you have on the technical side of things for better videos in the future.

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you know, video-based articles don't sound like a bad idea. what if that could be a new option? granted i don't do many vlogs but i could give it a try.
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This is just a suggestion, but have you thought about making those pictures the main focus of the video? You appear to just be reading off the screen while they flash by in a corner. You look more like you're a news anchor, not a nostalgic YouTuber. Maybe you could throw in some clips from vintage Pizza Hut commercials to keep things interesting.

I liked hearing your personal experiences though, and I think this is a great idea for a regular series.
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