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My friend Doug DeMuro just released his review video of the new Tesla Model 3 on YouTube.

Looks to me like Tesla made a few changes from the pre-production prototypes featured at last years car shows. Overall the Model 3 looks much better than I was expecting.

I've known Doug for a couple of years, he lives online at Autotrader creating his "Oversteer" column for the website. Doug is a "unique" personality and he can put some people off with his over-the-top persona - just want you guys to be prepared if you've never watched Doug in action before.

Just a heads-up: major cities around the world are watching London. Pressure is building to restrict gasoline powered automobiles inside city cores in an effort to cut pollution and noise levels. Tesla is primed to make major inroads in sales by helping the world to go electric.

I've ridden in a Tesla a few times before while using Uber, and I'm very fascinated by the vehicle. I would love to own one, but with how expensive they are, it probably won't happen anytime soon.
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There are many car guys online and they are agreeing with me - the writing's on the wall, these are the fading years for gasoline powered vehicles.

What's shocking is how fast this can all happen.

Legislation, especially at the local level, can make gas engined cars disappear. Some countries use an "engine tax" to help with your buying decision. License fees can go up every year that you own a gas engined car. Imagine how much you could pay after five years!

BMW shocked the crowd at the New York Auto Show just three years ago by announcing that BMW will transition from the "car" business, to the "mobility" business with its "ReachNow" program. It will allow BMW to survive in a car restricted environment regardless oof the vehicle's motive power.

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