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Morgan Aste is a huge bodybuilder from France. Many of his friends are involved in wrestling and martial arts. When Morgan wants to mix it up just for fun, he can easily get winded. All his mass puts a lot of work on his heart and circulatory system. 

My money always goes to the smaller guy. Overall good health is easy to spot.

Interesting topic for a thread but that video was a work. So it doesn't really add to or subtract from any argument over size being an issue in a legit fight

 I've seen little guys take out big guys,  I've seen big guys take out little guys.  It all comes down to experience, skill and a small degree of chance.  Everybody has a knockout button that can be hit at anytime.  Sometimes it's easier to hit that button than others.  A size advantage does help.  But if your big and strong yet your opponent is faster and smarter he may just hit your button first.  The same can be said if your small and fast yet your opponent  is stronger and more experienced he could hit your button too.   Size sometimes is a factor,  But in the higher caliber fights size advantage is almost known existent.  There have been 140lb world champs as well at 250lb world champs.
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Casey Jones - you nailed it in your second sentence!

There's nothing to be done if the fight is fixed. There are many bouts where choreography ups the entertainment value but the real skill is in putting on a good show.  

But I still maintain that in an honest bout, a well conditioned athlete should out-perform a classic bodybuilder, especially in cases where stamina determines who lasts to the final count.

In the YouTube clip, Morgan Aste was just having fun with his real-life friends. Morgan's chosen sport demands an absence of visible injuries like scars, bruising and cuts. He can't afford the usual jarring that serious martial artists endure.

Overall - this gives me a higher degree of respect to Pro Wrestlers.
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Skill and technique should trump muscle in most cases in a prolonged
altercation. However like it has been said anyone can be knocked
unconscious by a lucky or well timed strike. Muscle is heavy and can
exhaust a person during combat. Fast twitch muscle fiber beefed up
versus slow twitch for endurance. The muscle bound will fatigue in any
fight that goes the distance. Explosive weight lifting is far different
than calisthenics which are the repetitive exercises (swimming, running,
pull ups, sit ups, push ups,etc.) that most professional fighters do in
addition to combat training (boxing, martial arts, etc) to stay fit.
Most navy seals are smaller guys because the beefed up guys have to
carry more weight and don't have the stamina over time to complete the
training and end up ringing out in Basic Under Water Demolition/Seal
school. Here is a clip of a Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu black belt fighter
named Pedro Sauer (now a master) vs former Mr. Utah Lance Bachelor who
has a 100lbs weight advantage over the smaller fighter.

Here is a clip of another Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter Royce Gracie who ended up winning the first couple of Ultimate Fighting Championships against opponents of any size including sumo wrestlers. BJJ fighters attempt to neutralize the threat of being knocked out by the stronger opponents by closing the distance and taking the fight to the ground to exhaust the larger guys and use technique and leverage to win the fight, usually with joint locks or choking the opponent unconscious. Watch Royce fight Kimo who is a 3rd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and extremely muscular with only 5% body fat.

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Kimo doesn't look like 5% body fat in that fight. Gotta love the old UFC where pulling hair and groin hits were OK. But yeah, big and muscular is a disadvantage. In that fight Kimo looks like a huge insect caught in a web by a small spider, all that thrashing and it's just a matter of time.
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eddstarr wrote :

Casey Jones -

Overall - this gives me a higher degree of respect to Pro Wrestlers.
-end quote
I spent many years on the independent wrestling scene. I could go on for hours about it.  It's not a FAKE as people would think.  To Be Honest, I'm half crippled because of it. 
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Excellent Videos!

Unbelieveable that an untrained bodybuilder would challenge a BJJ Master. The best part was Pedro visibly taking it easy on Lance. No doubt that Pedro could easily have inflicted more damage on Lance. 

But that UFC bout - what a match!

Yeah, I think Kimo was a little heavier than advertised but he used his power to stay off the mat for as long as possible. Now that's muscle power, yet Gracie still managed to totally out-skill his bigger opponent. Good thing Kimo tapped-out when he did or he would have sustained serious injury.

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