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A brand new Star Trek series called "Discovery" is about to air on CBS All Access. And it suddenly occurred to me that I never talked about what it was like to be a Star Trek fan before the internet.

So there I was, a sci-fi crazy kid in 1966 and all I could think about was that new TV show on NBC - Star Trek.

Sure I could talk about the show with my family, my friends or even the neighbors. But there was no interactions with fans around the country in any broad based platform that was easily shared. 

What's a 60's kid to do? Build a plastic model of the USS Enterprise, of course.

Plastic model kits may have saved the many a young man from going crazy in a world of limited options. Revell was my go to model maker with the most varied lineup of vehicle genres available.

It wasn't until the 1970's that I found out that Desilu/Paramount productions actually used a large scale Enterprise model for production filming in season one. But what got me was the size of that production model. For ease of filming I've heard that the large scale model was hung from an overhead gantry attached to the underside of the ship for filming upside down - go figure!

Still, I like the result. (Btw - I think the pilot footage shot in 1964)

Here's the new Star Trek Discovery Intro:
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