Just for Early Halloween fun:

Say you have 2 murders happening at the same time, one on Earth and one at the International Space Station.

The murder on Earth is under police investigation by Earth Cops.
But for the murder in space - "who ya gonna call?".

"Star Cops" was an idea from some of the same group of talented guys that brought to BBC Television such personalities as Quatermass, Doctor Who, The Terrornauts and Blake's Seven. One big difference for Star Cops was the idea of mashing together sci-fi with crime investigation.

Here's the hook, with emphasis on the police work Star Cops could capture people who don't like sci-fi while adding a bit of grittiness to a series in space.

I'm a fan of the show now because it's soooo 80's style. The first time I saw it I didn't like it.

Only with the passage of time, and the internet, have I realized just how brilliant this TV show really is. For starters the new Commander, Nathan Spring, doesn't want the job - he's forced into it by his boss. The investigative staff doesn't see eye-to-eye and in some cases don't like each other. And yet, it's surprising how the cast has grown on me. It's refreshing to go back to a time when political correctness wasn't front and center. 

Of course the special effects are not special at all. The visuals are on a "Doctor Who" level - 80's style. Keep in mind that no one was thinking "Internet" when Star Cops was in production, yet it's amazing how close the production team nailed the integration of communications media to aid in the police work.

But the lowdown on this series was the BBC's cancellation of Star Cops after only 9 episodes. The audience simply didn't show up and the few who did were like me, they didn't like the show.

So Star Cops gets cancelled and guess what happens?

Hello Internet!